Profile of Mr. Hsu Chun-cheng

Mr. Hsu was born in a small village in Changhua county. His family was not wealthy, and the land was not fertile. He had so many siblings that he could not eat his fill. After graduating from elementary school, he became a stained-glass apprentice in one of the factories in the town of Lugang. His NTD$600 monthly salary had to subsidize his home expenses. Being aware of his knowledge deficiency, he returned to night school in the junior high school for continuing education.

After one year of studying at the Department of Mechatronics of the Changhua Industrial Vocational School (Affiliated Industrial Vocational High School of NCUE), he was called to compulsory military service. As a result, his studies were interrupted again. After his return, the factory had been moved to mainland China, he had to re-start his career as a salesperson in other industries, and began his entrepreneurship two years later.


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    the “Medical Beauty Sleeping Experience Hall” was established in Kunming, Yunnan.

    The target clients included senior committees, retired veteran cadres, elderly or bedridden patients, people with back pain, waist soreness, bone spurs, or poorsleep quality, among others. There was also a beauty spa center. The above were all the company’s services and development focuses.

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    was appointed the president of GSP North Branch, the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs

  • -

    was appointed as the board director and executive secretary of the Changhua Trade Extension Joint Association


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    led the Overseas Trade Mission to the Philippines and Indonesia as the head of the delegation


  • -

    led the Taiwan Medical Extension Team to Beijing, Chengdu, and Dalian, as the head of the delegation


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    the "aesthetic medicine" products were released

    The immune system of modern people has been gradually destroyed by air pollution, busy lives, stress, and lack of sleep, which could easily cause skin allergy, inflammation, acne, pimple, skin oil, and hair loss…etc. This had prompted us to do research on the human body’s most delicate part: skin. By utilizing the simplest and most environmentally friendly concepts and eliminating the complicated process of face washing, we invented the "micron beauty towel" to achieve thorough cleansing and to improve the detoxification functions of pores as well as to reduce the formation of acne and large pores. As long as the towel was wet in water, it could remove skin dirt with a gentle massage without facial cleanser, makeup removal cotton or oil. By simply rotating from left to right and gently rubbing the skin, it could wash away skin oil, remove aging keratin, and achieve a deep cleansing effect. Save water, save time, save effort, save money! It was simple and environmentally friendly.
    This product won several patent certifications from many nations including Taiwan, Japan, and Mainland China.
    "Environmental protection, medical, beauty, health care” were the company's core values.


  • -

    the company officially established the R&D department and developed the tantalum product series

    The company not only provided high-quality health care products and long-term care products for elderly, but also offered more diversified, professional, high-tech and other kinds of collections for different ages. The products were designed and eveloped through several steps such as market analysis, market segmentation, marketing strategies, brand planning and design, product planning and design, store planning and design…etc. Through scientific management, it could also stabilize the quality of pressure relief pillows, mattresses, and cushions.

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    was appointed the vice president of Parents’ Association in Nei-Li Junior High School, Zhongli District.


  • -

    was appointed the vice president of Parents’ Association in Shin-Jie Elementary School, Zhongli District.


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    established “3Q MAGI Co., Ltd.” as general manager

  • -

    the company name was officially changed to “3Q MAGI Co., Ltd.”

    In pursuit of higher quality and diversified operations as well as an excellent Taiwanese corporate image, the company began to manufacture home furnishings and to mainly sell by wholesale. With the four managing spirits, “quality, innovation, service, credit,” the company not only ensured MIT quality, but continued development and innovation, such as strengthening product functionality and customization services tailored to customer needs.


  • -

    established “3Q MAGI Corporation” as general manager

  • -

    the company name was changed to “3Q MAGI Corporation”

    In response to market demands, the company executed one-step production, from manufacturing to wholesale.


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    established “Chau-ran Firm” as CEO

  • -

    Mr. Hsu Chun-cheng created “Chau-ran Firm” for selling towels.

QK medical pressure relief pillow series

Pillow types can be classified into different categories. There are various pillows suitable for different ages from infants to the elderly. We also develop specialized pillows for snorers and neck-kinking patients.The classification is as follows:

Primary type=> 0~ year oldSize: 3.5*25*29cm

Infant type=> 3~6 years oldSize: 6*26*37cm

Medium pillow=>age in elementary ~Junior high schoolSize: 8.5*49*30cm

Adult pillow=>adultSize: 10*64*34cm

Neck-protector pillow(male)=> adultSize: 12*58*38cm

Neck-protector pillow(female)=> applicable for adult and childSize: 10*58*39cm

Side-sleeping cervical pillow=>designed for side sleepers of all agesSize: 12*65*40cm

QK medical pressure relief mattress series

1. This mattress has been tested in human body experiments in clinical centers. People who suffer from long-term back pain, waist soreness, work pressure, and poor sleep quality, as well as patients with spinal surgery, can release pressure and relax their whole bodies after a certain period of use. Thereby, it helps improve good sleep quality and recover the body's functions quickly. We are serious about quality and care to our customers regardless of age!

2. The size of the mattress can be customized (price should be quoted accordingly)
Thickness can be chosen from: 5cm, 10cm and 15cm

3. The normal specifications are as follows:

(Single) Size: 3.5 feet * 6.2 feet * 5cmOriginal price: NTD$75,000

(Double) Size: 5 feet * 6.2 feet * 5cmOriginal price: NTD$120,000

(Queen) Size: 6 feet * 6.2 feet * 5cmOriginal price: NTD$150,000

(Extralarge) Size: 6 feet * 7 feet * 5cmOriginal price: NTD$160,000

PS. The custom size should be discussed and quoted accordingly

QK medical pressure relief seat cushion boutique series

This product is the latest release of our healthcare seat cushion with its ergonomic design. It can be used for meditation, worship, wheelchairs, an office chair, car seat, Japanese-style rooms and as a general dining chair. No matter if you are of size, thin, or a cancer patient, it brings you a decompressing effect. You will not feel tired after long-distance driving. Even patients with hemorrhoids feel less painful!

Product features, carefully selected quality

  • Anti-mite, anti-bacterial
  • Moisture proof
  • Non-radioactive substances
  • Made in Taiwan
  • The cushion cover is made of cotton and linen materials performing great heat dissipation
  • No need for washing or sun-baking, easy to care for
  • Product lifecycle can last for more than 5 years

Intimate remarks:

People feel uncomfortable when the bed is either too soft or too hard. Our mission is not simply selling a mattress, but a complete and good sleep experience. Remember! Without a good sleep, there is no healthy body. There's nothing in front of healthy, let alone fortune.